End of The Month Fund Money Savings Jar


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End of The Month Fund Money Savings Jar

End of the month… Everyone’s worst nightmare! You ate like royalty for three weeks, but now you’re on week four… the week of beans on toast… It’ll soon be payday, but what do you do in the meantime? Save up and fund your cupboards with this hilarious novelty wonderfund jar! Deep purple, with a beautiful wooden lid and stylish white text that reads “End of the Month Fund – Never Have To Eat Bargain Beans Again”, this modern money saver is unique with a distinctive look from other money boxes, and sits perfect in any room of the home. Complete with attractive gift tag attached with a high quality leather strap, this fun and useful jar makes the perfect gift for a student waiting for their student loan on their Birthday, or at Christmas as a Secret Santa gift! (Who fancies a takeaway?)
  • Depth : 10.80 cm
  • Height : 11.60 cm
  • Width : 10.80 cm


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