Farting Fines Tin


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Farting Fines Tin

Got flatulence? Need money fast? Break wind and not the bank with this hilarious farting saver tin, complete with padlock and key to keep your new found money secure. Fine the farting people around you to get cash fast, and spend your load on treats (or loo roll). This turquoise moneybox has hilarious text on both sides; One saying “”Pay up instant fines for farting””, and the other “”fines for farting -girlie farts 20p -stinky farts 50p -great big loud horrible boozy farts £1″”. Perfect as a novelty gift to your stinky self or for a whiffy friend in your life.
Depth : 8.00 cm
Height : 14.00 cm
Width : 9.00 cm
An hilarious farting fine tin, sure to collect funds for farts. (smells not included)
Includes a padlock and key to keep your well earned money secure.
Bright turquoise in colour, with funny text that reads “Pay up instant fines for farting”, and “fines for farting -girlie farts 20p -stinky farts 50p -great big loud horrible boozy farts £1”.
A perfect farting gift all year round, and the ultimate present for stinky friends, family and colleagues.
Dimensions: 14x9x8cm


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