Nailzee Manicure Hand Rest – 50% Off Sale


Nailzee hand manicure stand.

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Nailzee – the perfect way to easily care for your nails.

Have you ever spilt nail polish over the couch or carpet?

Do you find yourself biting your nails over the state of your manicures?

Well you can wave goodbye to that worry with the new Nailzee Hand!

This simple but very clever tool will soon be an essential item in your beauty regime.

One side features a nail polish holder and a raised angled surface that will allow you to paint you nails with ease whilst also protecting surfaces from spillages.

Flip it over and the other side will catch all your nail filing and clippings, letting you focus on making your nails look the best they can be.

When you are finished just run it under a tap and let it dry

The perfect gift or treat for yourself.


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