Silver Angel Caller Bell Necklace – Healing – Archangel Raphael


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Silver Angel Caller Bell Necklace – Healing – Archangel Raphael

A truly stunning 925 silver angel caller necklace. Shake the necklace and it gently rings and is said to call on your angels. This angel bell also has peridot gemstone crystal on top for added health and balance.

This particular angel bell is for help with healing so calls on Archangel Raphael. This would make an amazing gift for someone, particularly if they need some help with healing in their life. Knowing the angel name can give the bell meaning and purpose

These silver bells, made on the banks of the sacred mountain Ubud, in the heart the deeply spiritual island of Bali are lovingly created and blessed with grace and love. The gentle sound of the little bell will accompany the wearer always bringing to mind the possible presence of angels. With good fortune, and an open heart it is hoped that the bell may also draw attention from heavenly beings. A gift of a silver angel bell, is truly a gift from the heart. Artisan made from Bali 925 silver. Neck cords also with silver detail and clasps. Bells are balanced brass and resin.

Size of the pendant approximately 23mm and on cord necklace adding to its charm.



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