Steampunk Octopus Squid Wall Clock


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Steampunk Octopus Squid Wall Clock

This clockwork cephalopod is cast in high-quality resin before being given a bronze finish and lovingly hand-painted.

Sitting on dry land, this octopus’ bulbous head has been implanted with a large brass clock face, textured with rivets and pipes. A pair of brass goggles cover two menacing eyes, staring without blinking, while small gears and screws cover his body.

Below them, a mass of 8 tentacles twist and coil, searching for some hapless victim to grab.

Perfect for any Steampunk study, this alternative figurine is a fantastic gift for any lover of marine life.

** To change the battery** Pull the clock face out of the octopus head and turn over to reveal the battery compartment. Replace the battery with 1 x AA battery.

Dimensions approximately 30 x 28 x 9cm

Clock face implanted in the mantle.
Twisting tentacles add depth.
Cast in the finest resin and painstakingly hand-painted.
1 Keyhole hook on reverse for hanging



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