The Beer Challenge – Beat the buzzer or drink Beer!


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The Beer Challenge – Beat the buzzer or drink Beer!

Beat the buzzer, or drink, drink,drink! Entertain your friends and get the party going with this fun electronic maze party game. The beerometer will get your guests buzzing (and a little bit tipsy) in no time! This game looks easy, but when under the influence of beer, tracing around letters has never been more difficult, or more hilarious! This game is suitable for even the most dedicated beer drinkers and makes the best party game and a great novelty gift for a fun-loving friend.

THE PERFECT BEER DRINKING PARTY GAME! – This Fast Paced Beer Drinking Game Is Sure To Knock The Socks Off Even The Guests (And Get Them Tipsy Too)! Perfect Game To Take To Any Party Or Occasion!
CAN YOU BEAT THE BUZZER? – Use The Wand To Try Navigate Your Way Around The Twists And Bends Of The Word Gin – Just Don’t Touch The Sides!
BUZZ? THEN DO THE FORFEIT! – Didn’t Succeed? Then Drink! In Reality This Game Is a Win-Win!

The GIN challenge is also available within our website.


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